For Transparency. For Revenue. For Content Providers.

Restore the balance of power

The first all-in-one advertising solution that integrates both a premium ad server and a supply-side platform (SSP), 360 Polaris helps content providers overcome today’s challenges and maximize revenue

A full stack monetisation technology platform
for video, web and mobile content providers

Full Stack

A fully holistic system that does away with the separation between adserver and SSP, allowing programmatic to compete against all traditional campaigns pushing revenues to the maximum.

Header Bidding

Through header bidding, the
programmatic buyers in 360 Polaris
get access to the first and most valuable impressions. A piece of code is placed
in the header of a page, and a simplified auction takes place on the client side with latency and user experience as challenges. All programmatic buyers can bid on an ad impression before the adserver.

Classic SSP

Directly sold campaigns (except PMPs) are booked into the classic adserver with a high priority. Ad exchanges, ad networks, trading desks and retargeters are booked at a subsequent priority in the SSP.

All you need to build a holistic advertising sales strategy

The 5 programmatic trading methods explained
& how they profit or cost content providers