Header Bidding

How does it work?

Through header bidding, the programmatic buyers in 360 Polaris get access to the first and most valuable impressions. A piece of code is placed in the header of a page, and a simplified auction takes place on the client side with latency and user experience as challenges. All programmatic buyers can bid on an ad impression before the adserver.


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What are you looking for?

You have your own classic setup and yield optimisation team, and you are looking for:

A first step towards holistic setup

Tactical setup for quick wins

Optimising revenue between technology partners

How does it benefit you?

Simple setup without any change in your system

Programmatic gets a chance to compete for first frequencies

Offers initial short term revenue bump

Setup Details

Header bidding code is placed in the header, where all auctioning takes place in a very simplified way. Winning bid is sent to the adserver with dynamic priority. The adserver then runs normally and serves the winning campaign based on its priority levels


If you have a screw, don’t use a hammer: an insider’s look at how to get header bidding right

by Michele Appello & Jan-Willem Borsboom

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