Press Release

Improve Digital adds header bidding solution as stepping stone towards the next level of programmatic advertising

In rolling out its plan to develop a high tech, next level solution – matching content provider’s high expectations regarding transparency and many other important topics – ad monetisation technology platform Improve Digital launches its header bidding solution. It is a stepping stone in its strategy towards a fully holistic solution for its content providers. This strategy ensures content providers will be ready for the phase that will come after header bidding.


The launch of the header bidding solution comes as part of a comprehensive strategy to develop the next phase of a monetisation solution for content providers.  Sebastiaan Moesman, CEO at Improve Digital, explains: “Header bidding is a stepping stone to the next level of programmatic advertising. Always on the side of content providers, Improve Digital is developing products that take content providers one step closer to a fully holistic and transparent solution. We are working thoroughly to enable, simplify and expose all of the cooperating elements of digital advertising our content providers are facing and together, build on the future of the adtech ecosystem.”


For content providers who need more than the header bidding solution, Improve Digital offers advanced options to work towards a next step solution within the platform 360 Polaris, the most complete monetisation technology platform on the market today.


Using Improve Digital’s Header Bidding solution through the company’s holistic platform 360 Polaris, its clients can enjoy the opportunity to increase the competition on their premium inventory and can offer rich media opportunities to buyers. This generates higher prices per impression, ultimately enabling them to generate more revenue from the ad space they sell through the auction-based programmatic advertising system. With the solution content providers can give all programmatic buyers access to any impression, creating a level playing field between programmatic buyers and direct campaigns.


Amsterdam, 14 June 2017