Press Release

Improve Digital launches ‘360Yield’ enabling premium publishers to build their own Exchange

Improve Digital, Europe’s Sell Side Platform (SSP), is launching its 360Yield platform.


The technology is tailored for the needs of European publishers and designed for the challenges of the fragmented European market where each territory has its own local publishers, languages, business culture, laws and currency.


With the upcoming agency trading desk, DSPs and further automation of the demand side, the most astute European publishers are now asking for a sell side technology that enables them to build their own Exchange.


The platform provides large premium publishers with the opportunity and technology to build and manage their own Exchange. This offers the ability to optimise negotiated CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns alongside all major third party demand partners including RTB buyers.


“With 360Yield we provide the solution that premium European publishers are looking for today. Our platform introduces several innovative concepts for publishers to maximise their revenues and be in control,” comments Janneke Niessen, COO and co-founder of Improve Digital.  “Our roadmap is ambitious and the launch of our 360° Yield platform furthers Improve Digital’s business growth strategy.”