Press Release

Improve Digital launches first ever Opportunity Cost Calculator

Industry-first feature gives instant insight into the opportunity costs of guaranteed or discounted advertising deals


Today, Improve Digital, the all-in-one advertising platform launches the Opportunity Cost Calculator. The solution tackles the fiercely discussed topic of opportunity cost in the industry. How often are guaranteed or discounted campaigns allocated inventory when there is actually a better bid for the inventory? As from today Improve Digital offers, exclusively to 360 Polaris clients, insight into the bottom line revenue impact of preferences such as guarantees or discounts.


The Opportunity Cost Calculator is able to optimise pricing strategies by better understanding what buyers are willing to pay for inventory. Sales and data optimisation teams can now use facts, rather than soft data or presumptions, to fine-tune their commercial strategy.


Bastiaan Spaans, SVP Commercial of Improve Digital, explains: “The new tool is particularly interesting for video content providers. Currently, virtually all video sales are treated as ‘premium guaranteed’, meaning premium inventory is sold on a guaranteed basis. However, the question is whether these deals generate the highest revenue, or if the market values the inventory at a higher price. With a scarcity in video content these insights can increase content providers’ revenue instantly.”


Stein Yttri Thomas, Head of Ad Operations at, adds: “We chose Improve Digital as our technology partner because we appreciate the transparency they offer as well as their state-of-the-art platform. The new Opportunity Cost Calculator gives even more detailed insights into what buyers are willing to pay for our inventory. With this tool, there is no need for us to rely on assumptions any longer because we are provided with facts that help us with optimizing our pricing strategy.”


The launch of the Opportunity Cost Calculator follows Improve Digital’s strategy to strengthen its position as a fully transparent all-in-one platform for video, mobile and web. The robust and deeply extensive analytics of the 360 Polaris platform offers content providers clear and detailed insights, and an unprecedented level of transparency. This translates to full access to all auctioning data, a fully transparent revenue model and an honest auction that is not tweaked to benefit certain buying partners above others. 


The Opportunity Cost Calculator is now available on request for all content provider customers of the 360 Polaris platform.


Amsterdam, 30 August 2017