Press Release

Improve Digital launches Market Map 2012

Eco-system shows transformation with increase in audience buying networks, exchanges and trading desks.


London, 27th October 2011: Improve Digital, the European Sell Side Platform (SSP), launches an updated version of 2010’s successful ‘market map’ as a visual illustration of the complex European online display advertising eco-system.


The map was released today at ExchangeWire’s Ad Trading Summit in Paris  and is available to download for free.


Comparing the new map to last year’s version shows a huge increase in the number of audience targeting networks (200% growth), trading desks (337% growth), and agency trading desks (166% growth) as the industry moves towards audience buying and automation. New players have entered the market, but much of this activity is also undertaken by ad networks expanding their business remit.


As the buy-side rapidly adopts buying and bidding technologies, European premium publishers are also embracing new strategies. They are keen to benefit from Real Time Bidding (RTB) as long as they have full control of how their advertising inventory is being traded and to whom. On a more strategic level they are building and managing their own private ad exchanges, powered by SSP technologies.


We launched the initial market map to guide our customers through the maze of the rapidly changing online display advertising system,” explains Joëlle Frijters, CEO of Improve Digital. “This year it also acts as a useful industry gauge, for example showing that audience buying is now a reality. But these shifts are not just connected to RTB, they are about creating huge efficiencies through automation, thereby making digital media more attractive overall for advertisers.


To prepare this edition of the European online display advertising industry as it currently stands, Improve Digital followed the same strategy as for 2010, gathering information from its offices and various partners in the UK and Europe.