Press Release

Improve Digital welcomes former COO Worldwide of GroupM Connect Sebastiaan Moesman as new CEO

On June 1st, 2017, Sebastiaan Moesman, former COO Worldwide of GroupM Connect joins Improve Digital as its new CEO. Moesman is committed to further strengthening the company’s leading position as a strategic partner for broadcasters, content providers and publishers. He is joining Improve Digital as the company’s founders, Joelle Frijters (CEO) and Janneke Niessen (CIO), are stepping down after leading the company for almost 10 years through tremendous growth and expansion. To further accelerate the rapidly growing advertising company, Swisscom commits to another round of financing in the amount of 10 million euro.



Today, Improve Digital, the full-stack advertising platform, announces the arrival of a new CEO. Moesman has the full support of both the company founders and its parent organisation, Swisscom, to carry the Improve Digital legacy forward. Since its founding nearly a decade ago, the company has grown to generate 150 million euros in annual revenue, engage over 200 employees, and has transformed from being a leading SSP to a leading holistic monetisation platform.



Moesman says: “As it becomes increasingly important for advertisers to have a reliable and transparent way of buying digital media, it will be equally important for media owners to have a reliable and transparent partner that both supports them in rapidly achieving their short-term business goals, as well as safeguarding their long-term positions as trustworthy partners for advertisers.”



To his new role, Moesman brings over 20 years of experience in media and technology, first as founder of his own company Reddion (sold to WPP), and later in numerous leadership roles at GroupM. He is an industry veteran who blends deep knowledge of both buy-side and product with his own vision of what broadcasters, content providers and publishers need. He intends to build on the three core strengths on which the company was founded and has always operated: innovative technology, outstanding service, and transparent sustainable business models. 



Frijters says of Moesman “He’s exactly the right person to be leading the company. He not only possesses the right background and skills, but has the right vision to carry the company forward”. Niessen, “Improve Digital has been our life’s work for almost 10 years, so this has not been an easy decision. It is a great company and an amazing team but it’s time for us to make a change”. To further enhance the leadership team with the founders leaving, a Chief Product Officer will be hired.  Frijters and Niessen will remain strategic advisors to the board.



Amsterdam, 9 May 2017