Press Release

Improve Digital’s Display Advertising Eco System Map 2011/12

The new version of Display Eco-System Map has been launched last week. The industry has been buzzing about it for some time and now launched the map has been posted in all main industry publications and just like last year we are receiving great reviews from media industry experts.

Eric Ward, director of digital media at goetzpartners Corporate Finance comments: “It has been fascinating to see how rapidly the European online display advertising ecosystem has evolved over the past 12 months. The most important change we are seeing at present is the profound impact on the European landscape of automated media buying through RTB. Europe is becoming a single and more transparent media buying market for online advertising and that is spurring the growth of the industry. Advertisers, agencies and publishers are embracing new technologies at a faster pace than ever before as they seek to drive greater economic value from online advertising. While the ecosystem is very fragmented, we are starting to see the emergence of ad tech companies with the potential to become European and even global champions.”

Also Terence Kawaja, from LUMA partners responsible for concepting and production of the US Display Advertising Market said: “Ecosystem maps are a great way to frame a discussion around how an industry is structured and where it is going. Improve Digital has done a great job mapping the European landscape.”

Download your free copy of the map here.