Interconnectivity within 360 Polaris with:

Integrate with our 360 API to seamlessly connect technologies, automate and control processes and access your data – and focus on yield strategy rather than reporting.

For more information about the integrations, access the Improve Digital’s knowledge base for IT development teams.

360 API is an “Application Programming Interface” allowing you to manage 360 Polaris from your own dashboards

Seamless access to backend systems: everything all in one place

Control reporting: gain better insights and optimise your inventory

Power over yield management: take instant advantage of revenue opportunities

3rd Party server-to-server integrations


Access all major Agency Trading Desks and Demand Side Platforms through Real Time Integrations


Easily connect 1st Party Data for additional value creation in Inventory Offering

Visit our online Help Center for more technical capabilities of 360 Polaris