Maximise Native Advertising Revenue

The Product

Improve Digital provides broad support for the serving and optimisation of Native Advertising. Building on our proven Image+Text ad format capabilities, we now provide customisation and configuration for any web-publishing environment.

By using our Native Advertising solution within 360 Polaris, Content Providers gain:

• Efficient management: control over size, features, and format; template creation, customisation, and management; and easy site/CMS integration.

• Complete control: most Native providers run “closed” networks; Improve Digital works with clients to connect with the right partners.

• Holistic optimisation: rely on the proven 360 Polaris, managing Native with other display, mobile, and video advertising assets.

The Opportunity

Native Advertising is an increasingly important part of content providers’ revenue mix, and legacy platforms currently offer no support. Most solutions for Native are also run as closed ad networks; with these intermediaries cutting into content providers’ revenue potential and margin. Not to mention that Native Advertising is often managed independently of traditional display, with no opportunity to optimise ad mix across a website.

Improve margins by taking direct control of native advertising activity

Grow revenue with the market leading performance optimisation technology

Manage yield holistically using a single platform for native, display, video and mobile