Press Release

A new approach to publisher-side technology: Improve Digital rolls out completely new platform

Real-time advertising company launches full-stack platform for publishers


Improve Digital today launches its new platform 360 Polaris, a revolutionary full-stack ad monetisation technology for video, web, and mobile publishers. With this new platform, the company has created an all-in-one publisher solution that integrates the capabilities of both a premium ad server and a supply-side platform (SSP). Built from the ground up and with a redesigned user interface, it offers publishers unparalleled transparency and control, no matter what their sales strategy.


Advancing the interests of video, web and mobile publishers

360 Polaris brings a holistic approach to programmatic revenue generation allowing publishers to get the most out of their online inventory. No matter what format or device, the platform fits their needs in real time. 360 Polaris provides publishers with full transparency and supports every possible sales strategy. It has all the tools publishers need to get more control, save costs and maximise revenue.


Facing challenges with 360 Polaris

360 Polaris is the biggest release in the history of Improve Digital, and reflects the company’s guiding principles of transparency, revenue maximisation, and publisher-focus. “We’ve been listening closely to the needs of large media owners over the last few years”, says Improve Digital CEO Joelle Frijters. “With lines blurring between premium and non-premium business strategies, and between buy and sell-side commitments, we’ve seen the emergence of new challenges. Media owners have been struggling with issues around transparency, reporting and control. With 360 Polaris, we’ve tackled these issues, often coming from fragmented and opaque technology stacks, which will certainly drive up revenue for publishers.”


New platform, built from the ground up

“Because 360 Polaris is a completely new platform, it gives us the ability to respond to the opportunities of the future,” says Janneke Niessen, CIO of Improve Digital. “The market has changed a lot over the last few years and so have its needs. We’ve put all that we have learned over the last 8 years into this platform and rebuilt it from the ground up. As a result, we can be sure that the platform will have maximum impact today, and in the future. “


“The launch of 360 Polaris is a great step forward for Nettavisen”, says Kjell Inge Vatshaug, Leader AdOps. “The platform fully adapts itself to our strategies, not the other way around. Thanks to 360 Polaris we have real-time insight into all of our important metrics. The platform’s holistic approach means we don’t have to search for additional tools to get the most out of our ad space. It’s simply all there, meaning we can focus on what our company does best.”


Amsterdam, 07 September 2016