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Improve Digital Partners with Digital Element, 18.08.2017: Advertising platform Improve Digital is enhancing their targeting with new IP-geolocation technology from Digital Element. The hyperlocal targeting solution NetAcuity now works within Improve Digital’s monetisation platform, 360 Polaris, which manages monetisation for Improve Digital media partners and brand clients.


With the integration of NetAcuity, Improve Digital hopes to help clients serve relevant, targeted ads to consumers, based on consumer data provided by Digital Element. The technology combines infrastructure analysis with insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners to better map the internet, providing granular and accurate hyperlocal geotargeting data.


“Our business is built on providing accurate insights into high-value ad inventory and audiences, being a trusted and transparent partner to our clients, and serving the best interests of publishers, content providers, and broadcasters”, commented Garry Turkington, chief technology officer of Improve Digital.


“The quality of service we provide depends on a reliable, transparent, and trusted source of data, and Digital Element’s geolocation technology broadens and complements our product offering both globally and locally, further elevating our position in the marketplace.”