Maximise revenue with
Price Control Centre

The Product

Price Control Centre has been designed to enable smart pricing strategies and efficient programmatic sales processes, ensuring content providers see the highest revenue possible for every impression served and sold.

With Price Control Center, Content Providers can:

• Establish clear price boundaries between direct, programmatic, and RTB sales activity.

• Automatically enforce programmatic price floors and bid minimums based on buyer type and demand source.

• Introduce the same rigor to programmatic as the rate card brings to direct sales, ensuring price reflects product value.

The Opportunity

In today’s evolving marketplace higher-value sales are shifting into programmatic channels, putting downward pressure on prices. Legacy RTB bid/floor management techniques are insufficient for more complex ‘programmatic direct’, and sales volume and product complexity make deal-level pricing control difficult to execute.

Holistic pricing strategy for all programmatic and RTB

Efficient, precise control over price floors and bid minimums

Variable, rules-based pricing model, in line with your direct sales price strategy