Increase Revenue, Pricing, And Engagement With Advanced Ad Formats

The Product

Our 360 Polaris platform gives content providers extended reach across all devices and ad formats, providing full access to the vibrant programmatic marketplace. Executing rich media campaigns has never been easier or faster, and what’s more, with low-to-no-set-up costs.

By using rich media within our 360 Polaris platform, content providers can:

• Leverage the most advanced ad formats: 360 Polaris supports content providers and marketers across all devices and with the most robust mix of ad formats.

• Tap into premium programmatic ad budgets: With access to +3.500 buying partners, content providers and media owners can reach the broadest, most diverse advertiser budgets.

• Deliver more revenue, deeper engagement, and better results: Improve Digital clients can deepen user engagement; deliver stronger results for advertisers; and drive higher revenues from their programmatic operations.

The Opportunity

High-impact ads are a critical part of the online media mix. And content providers are looking for ways to attract and retain premium ad budgets. Without the right products, those budgets are out of reach. Managing and trafficking rich media can be labour intensive and involve many third parties.

Lead the market with a robust and flexible product mix

Attract premium buyers and new programmatic budgets

Increase revenue, pricing, performance, and engagement