Server Side Enterprise Solution

How does it work?

Simpler, faster and fully transparent, this option is the evolution of header bidding auction dynamics. The SSP has a priority position before the ad server, giving programmatic buyers access to first frequencies. It doesn’t limit you to its own demand, but lets you move a wide range of header partners into a single consolidated server.


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What are you looking for?

You have your own ad ecosystem, multiple demand resources to connect and good latency track record, and you are looking for:

One fully holistic solution without changing adserver

Strategic low-latency setup

More control and transparency

How does it benefit you?

Simpler to manage

Programmatic competes for first frequencies

No downsides

Setup Details


A code is placed in the header of a page, but the auctioning takes place in the cloud, bypassing the latency challenges that header bidding may cause. Winning bid is sent to the adserver with dynamic priority. The adserver then runs normally and serves the winning campaign based on its priority levels. All programmatic buyers (including SSPs)can bid on views before the adserver.

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