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360 Automated Guaranteed: helping our publishers maximise revenue and control

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Improve Digital has launched 360 Automated Guaranteed. Put simply, this enables publishers to run guaranteed campaigns on a programmatic basis.


Why have we launched it?

Improve Digital was actually the first technology platform to offer guaranteed on programmatic campaigns, and this release takes things a step further to enable guaranteed campaigns to take place programmatically on Deal ID’s as well.

Magna Global estimates that 83% of digital display spending will be “programmatic” by 2017, largely driven by the adoption of automated guaranteed and other types of “programmatic direct”. So we’re responding to market needs for an advanced sales channel for guaranteed, to allow our publishers to maximise revenue.


So how does it work exactly?

360 Automated Guaranteed enables publishers to run guaranteed campaigns across all formats on a programmatic basis with more detailed controls, via Deal IDs. Publishers and buyers agree terms on a direct basis, and then allow it to be served programmatically.

83% of digital display spending will be “programmatic” by 2017, largely driven by the adoption of automated guaranteed

Improve Digital’s 360 Platform works seamlessly together with the leading Data Management Platforms and viewability providers, offering advanced guaranteed targeting. During a real time auction, for guaranteed line items there is a bid bias applied to ensure delivery as committed to upfront.


Who benefits?

360 Automated Guaranteed provides our customers with yet another unique mechanism to maximise revenue & control.

They can trade high quality inventory at a higher price, and they also get more detailed controls over adverts that appear on site. And as we know, direct sales can be time-consuming – and actually not so ‘direct’ at all – so with 360 Automated Guaranteed publishers can also increase efficiency and save on operational costs as it takes away all the manual time, paperwork and so on involved in a direct sale. Publishers just have to press a button to activate a Deal ID.

And buyers also benefit with 360 Automated Guaranteed. In addition to premium placements, they get guarantees on delivery of the inventory and transparency of what was agreed upfront.


360 Platform

At Improve Digital it’s our goal to deliver the technology and techniques publishers need to survive and thrive as the media market continues to evolve, becoming more automated and increasingly data-driven. This is achieved through Improve Digital’s market-leading 360 Platform – THE advanced monetisation technology platform for publishers. Through this single unified platform we give publishers the tools to reduce costs, improve yield, and grow revenue – across all formats and all devices.

And now we’re excited to release 360 Automated Guaranteed within the 360 Platform – one of the final pieces in the puzzle to a full-publisher platform solution including adserving from Improve Digital.

For more information on 360 Automated Guaranteed, please contact your local Improve Digital team.

Janneke is Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of Improve Digital. She is the driving force behind the company’s 360 Polaris.   In her industry, Janneke is a sought-after speaker and thought leader, regularly appearing at events to discuss entrepreneurship and digital marketing; and she is an active board and committee participant with industry trade associations such as the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). She started her career 15 years ago as online media director at the first Dutch online media agency. Janneke went on to co-found DQ&A – an ad operations company with worldwide offices.   Janneke was named 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year. At a personal level, she is a strong and vocal advocate for greater computer science and entrepreneurship education, beginning as early as the elementary school years. More broadly, she is an active voice in the Netherlands and across the EU, helping to highlight national and regional market strengths and reinforce their importance within the global technology landscape. Janneke’s true passion is in advancing technology, with a primary goal of fostering innovation today and in the future.