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The 5 programmatic trading methods explained: choose one that puts your revenue goals first

Improve Digital, programmatic, trading methods, header bidding, 360 Polaris

As we’re heading into the year’s fourth quarter, we’re heading into a time when publishers are finalising revenue targets for next year, and how to meet them. In my role, I have the privilege of regularly sitting down with publishers across the globe and, as such, am offered a window into this process.

One of the dangers I’ve observed is that, rather than building a programmatic strategy around their revenue goals, publishers tend to build a strategy around their tech’s limitations. When publishers put tech first, what often happens is a sort of tunnel-vision in which they automatically reject revenue options that their programmatic solution can’t support. Even at times disregarding areas in which advertiser budgets are increasing.

Two of these hot areas right now are In-App Video and Rich Media. Both of these formats are enjoying an upsurge in advertiser demand and allocation of budgets. But some publishers are dismissing budgets for these formats out-of-hand because their tech isn’t flexible enough to serve them. What that ultimately adds up to is missed revenue opportunities, not just for next year, but in the future too.

That’s why it’s important for publishers to understand each programmatic trading method and its impact on their bottom line. It’s the best way they can ensure they’re unlocking the full potential of programmatic for their business – a potential that’s significant now, and only set to grow.


Improve Digital, programmatic, trading methods, header bidding, 360 Polaris

Having served in a variety of roles since the company’s launch, Angelique Reym currently serves as Improve Digital's yield management director; a role that allows her to focus on building, implementing and analysing not only ad exchanges, but also software testing and process management. Angelique began her career in digital marketing and advertising in 2005 at ad operations company DQ&A, where she managed a team servicing Microsoft Digital Advertising solutions.