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‘Acércate a la Publicidad Programática’ – EMBRACING PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING IN SPAIN

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Improve Digital has been operating in the beautiful city of Madrid for almost four years now. During this period we have never experienced so much interest from Spanish publishers on the topic of programmatic advertising and RTB as we have at this point. Conversations on the subject are maturing, and we are noticing a big shift.

we have never experienced so much interest from Spanish publishers on the topic of programmatic advertising and RTB as we have at this point

Publishers and media buyers are changing their views, what was once viewed as a purely additional revenue source on the publisher side, and a way to buy “remnant” impressions on the buy side, is now moving into a strategic discussion about how to best address the opportunities in programmatic. Audience and yield management, real-time rate cards, business rules application, managing cost of sales, and enabling high impact formats are all up for discussion. But we’re not fully there yet…

By our own estimation there are around 15bn impressions available via RTB in Spain on a monthly basis. This volume is not as fast growing as you would expect, at least not when compared with the rest of Europe. Publishers in Spain remain reluctant in the way they make their inventory available. There are strong sales teams in place with deep relationships into the agency groups. Agency trading desks have just begun and are still staffing up. Besides this there are often multiple ad networks in place to take care of the “unsold” inventory, and as you can imagine, all of these networks have great agreements in place with the agencies as well. Literally every meeting we attend I hear: “But…Spain is different”. And you know what? This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. But when diving deeper we found that the current infrastructure supporting these relationships is flawed. The setups are quite static, based on manual priorities and logic and often include a lot of defaulting. This results in discrepancies, media buyers not getting the quality they desire or purchased, and publishers getting less per ad slot than would have been possible. Improve Digital is committed to solving this problem, offering publishers a platform to holistically manage all of their inventory, and ensuring they have the best possible setup to deliver in this new advertising world driven by technology.

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Last week we hosted our own event in Madrid, purely focused on media buyers. Despite suffering through a taxi strike and a thunderstorm the event was a big success and we received some great and valuable feedback. A special thanks goes out to David Yaffe, lead Product Manager at Doubleclick Bid Manager, Marco Kloots, founder and CEO of Platform161, and Cayetano Chimeno, Account Director at Orange Advertising, who launched their Programmatic High Impact by (demo can be found here).

Due to the success of this event we are set to organize another in September, and this time we will aim to bring both publishers and media buyers together. The focus will be on Deal Management, an area we are making significant investments in. We think this will be a perfect fit in the deal driven Spanish market. Watch this space for more!