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MD EMEA at Sublime Skinz | Industry Predictions

A Q&A with Andrew Buckman, MD EMEA, Sublime Skinz

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What does the future hold for programmatic advertising?

The future of programmatic advertising will no longer involve the word programmatic! Most agencies are already shifting the significant majority of their spend from Direct IO based campaigns to programmatic spend and there will come a point when programmatic advertising is just advertising.

What is one key trend you think will emerge in 2018?

I think blockchain will be a bigger buzzword next year, although it’s still too early for it to start getting mainstream. However, I’m expecting a number of major developments to allow blockchain to scale to the requirements of ad tech.

How will the issue of transparency evolve next year?

Brands will continue to exercise their influence in demanding transparency to fully understand the value that they are getting from their ad spend.

How do you prepare for GDPR?

We are appointing a DPO and are making sure that we adhere to all the requirements from the new regulation well before the 25th May cut-off date.

How will the programmatic industry last another 10 years?

By being relevant to the consumer. The desperate hunt for clicks in a search to track ad effectiveness has encouraged brands to do anything possible to drive CTR yet this is not the best metric to measure user engagement. We need to work together as an industry to provide effective campaign measurement that reflects the real interaction between a consumer and a brand.

What is next for header bidding?

Header bidding will evolve into a scalable solution that brings multiple sources of demand into play in real time paving the way for programmatic advertising to become advertising!

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