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Digital Business Manager | transparency

A Q&A with Pierre Bohren, Director Digital Business, Admeira

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Tell us a bit about Admeira
Admeira is a media sales house company in Switzerland and has a multimedia portfolio with advertising opportunities in more than 80 strong media brands. The company was founded in 2016 following an entrepreneurial initiative between Ringier, SRG and Swisscom. Admeira is leading in the digital revolution and the resulting new demands of the advertising industry. The latest technology – in conjunction with data and marketing expertise – paves the way for new perspectives for innovative forms of advertising.

What does transparency mean to you?
Transparency is a big word and it spans the entire advertising industry. For us it means having open communications about pricing, fees, data and strategy. It’s about having a trusted relationship with partners. If the trust isn’t there, and you’re suspicious about non-transparent practices, then why would you work with such players? It’s important to have partners you trust.

What are the greatest challenges and opportunities for you regarding transparency as a content provider with a multimedia portfolio?
There’s a lot to communicate, especially about data privacy. The challenge for us in particular is to communicate all these changes in regulations and policies to our consumers and partners in such a way that it’s understandable and relevant for them. This is something I see as a challenge in the whole industry: communicating new information clearly, including everything that’s important but still making it understandable. Just look at some company’s general terms, it’s an incredible challenge to slim down 200 pages that users won’t read anyway, to a document that is clear and concise, but still has all the relevant information.

We have over 35 different websites for advertisers to buy into inventory, and clearly communicating about all the possibilities, special exceptions and integrations, while still giving our partners a clear overview is tricky.

What do you think content providers must do to improve transparency?
The first steps towards a transparent industry in my mind is agreeing to the same set of regulations. An example is the IAB Code of Conduct Programmatic that we’ve recently signed. It’s important to define the general rules and regulations, and to have the market understanding these policies, and why they are necessary. And perhaps even more important, is to ensure that everyone, including the content providers, execute these agreed rules and regulations.

What do you think the adtech providers must do to improve transparency?
What is very important is clear data and access to it. We need this data to audit the numbers together with our stakeholders, such as advertisers and the agencies representing them. It facilitates an open discussion.

The adtech companies can provide a safe zone and make sure that we create value with our inventory and increase our business opportunities. Using the data that is provided to us, we can analyse and optimise our strategies.

How has Improve Digital helped you in the transparency process?
Improve Digital is a good partner to us in terms of service and support. They’re key in providing guidance to us in the many changes the industry is going through and providing us with best practice examples and advice.